My Journey


When my personal and small business world collapsed, I became frustrated with my life and traditional dogma and began my spiritual journey, my search for truth, love, and the meaning of life. Little did I know that my world, already in mental and emotional shambles, would not only be turned upside down, but also inside out. My metaphysical journey is an eclectic blend of science and spirituality. Like Leonardo da Vinci, I consider myself a disciple of experience, where I'm not only the scientist, but also the test subject, submerging myself in the experience to know if my hypothesis is accurate and valid. What I discovered was that my so-called negative feelings and emotions were not the cause of my problems and issues, or my flaws or weakness, but my power, and were directly related to my denials of them. I’ve had three profound healing experiences that have completely changed my life. I've written and simultaneously published a trilogy of my journey to share what I've discovered with others who also seek to empower themselves.

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