Favorites - Likes and Dislikes


I now prefer non-verbal music and even foreign music where I'm not caught up in listening to the words, but rather, where I can just listen and feel the rhythm and beat of the music, or if a vocal, then feel into the emotions of the voice of the singer. I like most types of music but not a lot of repetition. I also enjoy the natural sounds around me.

Music, if you can call it that, that turns me off is Rap, as most of the time I have no idea what they're talking about, and head bobbing and crotch gabbing does nothing for me. I rarely watch TV anymore, (maybe a half hour a month) so things might have changed, but from what I see on line, I don't think so.

Since taking ballroom dance lessons, the dances I enjoy are Rhumba, Cha Cha, and of course, Bob Segars, "Ole time rock and roll," the kind of music that just moves the soul. :) That was years ago, but without a dance partner and practice, I'm afraid I've forgotten most of the steps and routines, but it still brings back a lot of fond memories. Dances that I have trouble with are line dancing. It's no big deal, so I thought, to go to the back and follow the group to learn the routine, but when the group turns and I'm now at the front... I'm in trouble. Later, I learned that newbies should be in the middle of the group, that way they always have someone to follow.

To be a favorite, they need to have a message that appeals to me. Movies like Ghost, The Matrix I, Pleasantville, Bruce Almighty, Liar-Liar, The Trueman Show, The Sixth Sense, What Dreams may Come, Oh Brother, "Wherefor art thou", The DaVinci Code. to name a few. I enjoy others like, The Revenant, but not in the same way.

What I dislike is poor acting, bad camera work, sceney, and props, and a script that jumps all over the place. Another issue I have is with sound, where the important details (like a death bed confession) are whispered, but the music score and sound effects are deafening.

I've spent three years roaming across Canada. I was out West for a couple of years and then spent a year touring the East coast. Each province has its unique physical qualities and attributes, but I must say that I still prefer mid-Ontario with its rocks, trees lakes and rivers. The people in each province also have their unique identity, that while it sets them apart from the others, they all have an underlying commonality, and I don't mean living in the same Country, I mean their imprints, programs, and beliefs, and of course, their denials. I've also traveled to Mexico and Belize and I enjoyed the climate change, scenery, exploring the ruins, and also the interacting with the local people and sharing their culture. It is my intent to explore the rest of the planet (on and in) and also beyond.

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