Present Activities


* Healing Self:

I'm still working on healing myself, and tha includes all aspects of my Being. To me, this is the most important work, as everything else I do and experience revolves around my personal healing and self-empowerment. If I can't do it for me and walk my talk... then what is there to share with others? Since my automible accident on Dec. 03 2014, I've been working on healing my physial issues, as well as any denied emotional issues and the mental programs, beliefs and judgments associated with them. This journey is similar to my previous journeys, as I'm basically left to figure it out by trial and error. I'm finding that the so-called medical profession is almost as ignorant about the human body as they are about ones feelings and emotions. By that I mean they don't look for the underlying causes, but rather offer "quick fix" solutions of either drugs or the knife, and of course, keeping you returning as a customer.

* Writer: JR

Well I've finally finished my trilogy. It was no small project as the books ended up being 220, 306, and 460 pages, with almost 500,000 words combined. Making sure that all three books worked together and then editing them and proofing them over and over was an arduious and frustrating process. Writing was one thing, but then gettingthem properly formated for a print book was a task and then editing them again and again to get them in their respective eBook formats was another chore. I'm now in the final stages of setting up the distribution for both the print and eBooks, which is also a "learning curve" which is also frustrating as each POD publisher or eBook distributor has their own liitle way they want things done.

While I was doing all this, I was also moving about the country, so there were several interuptions. The lastest being a motor vechule accident, where a woman ran a red light and I T-boned her SUV. While I had no broken bones, I had whiplash and soft tissue damage that left me in pain and agony that I still (afer 18 months) haven't fully recovered. As you gathered, this has to do with my issues of healing my physical Body.

* Holistic Wellness Facilitator and Coach

I no longer do private one-on-one consultations and group workshops like I used to do, as with moving around as I did, I found it difficult to establish a homebase where people got to know me and my work, like I had done before. I still assist others via the Internet, through emails, chats, or with Skype. I was also motivated to get my books finished and published, so I diverted my attention to accomplishing that.

* Volunteer on six "Allexperts" help boards Allexperts

I'm still responding to questions dealing with such topics as New Age, Meditation, Anxiety, Stress, Panic and Depression. I started volunteering back in 2001, and have found that over the years the site has been gradually loosing its popularity and is not as active as it was earlier. For the past few years, I've taken several months off during the summer, as there wasn't much activity to warrent monitoring the site. I've now made the decision to withdraw my services at the end of 2016.

* WebMaster: JR

I created my last websites in 2008 and now it's time for not just an update or revamp, but to build a site with an entirely new template, one that is mobile and tablet frienly, or what is termed, "responsive design" and not "fixed" like the one I'm replacing that was created before mobile, tablets and eBooks came into being and got as popular as they have.

* Part time Handyman JR

I still do the odd handyman job, but now it's mostly for family and friends. Since the accident, that too has been curtailed to light tasks only.

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